Professor Johann Diamekt


WS | BS | S | T | Ag | Int | Per | WP | Fel
27 | 22 | 24| 41| 25| 42 | 42 | 52 | 40

Wounds Total/ Current: 13/10

Insanity: 12
Disorders: None

Corruption: 3
Malignancies: None

Character quirks:
Scholarly, Indomitable Will

Gold: 5
Silver: 11
Copper: 0

Hero points: 1 (16)
Fate Points: 1

Basic: Diplomacy
Advanced: Awareness +10, Common Lore: Magic, Magical Lore: Lore of Death, Inquiry, Intimidate, Invocation, Literacy, Performer: Storyteller, Sense Magic, Scholastic Lore: Ritual, Speak Language: Reikspeil, Speak Language: Arcane, Trade: Teacher

Wizard Level 3, Unshakable Faith, Peer (Academics)

XP Total: 2300

Backpack, Amethyst Grimoire , Scythe, Component Pouch, Handful of Rust x 10, Inn Keepers Son’s Ring, Amulet of Unfailing Loyalty, Good Quality Skull Mask, Magnus Dagger, Gloves, Ferdinand (Hawk), Skull of Luther, Skull of Gregore (Skull Charm), Bones of Gregore

Order Spells:
Spirit Leech
Tide of Years
Drain Life
Soul Forge
Balefire of Judgement

Universal Spells:
Parlor Tricks
Protection from Rain
Sense Presence
Magic Lock

Active Spells:


Professor Johanne Diamekt is a deeply scholastic man, having been lecturing at both the university of Atldorf and the amethyst collage since the end of his journeyman’s rites twenty years ago. Covering subjects from the basic principals of the arcane tongue to the distinguished history of Reikland and Atldorf, Professor Diamekt is a gifted orator and knowledgeable scholar, popular with both his students and the faculty. Currently Johanne is engaged in research for his new book and seeks to draw inspiration from every corner of the empire and collect the necessary funds to publish.

Professor Johann Diamekt

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